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FTM(2T-10T) full lineup of facial tissue folding machines

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Complete sizes, with cutting length of 175mm ,180mm, 185mm, 190mm,200mm and 210mm;with width of 2 rows ,3 rows ,4rows,5rows, 6rows,
7rows, 8 rows, 9 rows and 10 rows .
Fully automatic control: PLC computer programming, frequency conversion speed regulation, multi-picture touch-screen operation system,
real-time monitoring, change of parameters.
Professional-grade suspension-type control box, easy to operate, elegant in look.
Novel transverse cutting knife type: Upper knife is pneumatic separation integral fixed knife; lower knife is integral rotary knife. Easy to paper
picking, avoiding blade damage by blocking, easy to adjust, ensuring cutting with connection.
Longitudinal cutting knife, edge embossing device are dovetail clamping type, separate front and rear independent pneumatic control, easy to
adjust, Alloy cutting blade and bearing steel pinch roller are lasting and durable.
Movable rubber arc spreading roller prevents paper corrugation and eliminates dust accumulation and finished-product pollution.
The overall machine adopts synchronized girdle and flat-belt transmission, cone pulley type tension adjustment for high-precision transmission
and maintenance-free operation.
Wallboard type machine and overall steel base plate with firm structure to ensure stability of high speed machine running.

Technical Highlights of the Embossing Press

Two pairs of upper and lower large-diameter embossing rollers ensure embossing effects .
Bevel wheel synchronized positioning for high precision transmission,low noise and maintenance-free performance.
Synchronized girdle transmission for low-noise and maintenance-free operation.
Push-pull clutch for ease of disconnecting transmisson when embossing machine is not used,avoiding iding wearing
of embossing roller.
Independent pneumatic pressurizing,for ease of paper picking and effective buffering maching damage at paper winding
of embossing roller.
Movable rubber arc spreading roller prevents paper corrugation and puts an end to paper sticking roller caused by dust
accumulation and falling.

Technical Highlights of the Unwinding Stand

pneumatic constant-pressure unwinding belt,automatically get adaptable to base paper diameter.
Movble unwinding taper sleeve for flexible turming.
Pueumatic left/right synchronized paper feeding mechanism greatly reduces labor intensity.
Adopts synchronized girdle and flat-belt transmission,cone pulley type tension adjustment for high-precision
transmission and maintenance-free operation.

Max. Width of Base Paper
Longitudinal Cutting Knife
2 front sets and 2 rear sets
Vacuum System
Main Unit Power
Overall Size(LxWxH)
5000x1600 x2000mm
Overall Weight
Folding Speed
500~1000 pcs/min/row
Max. Diameter of Base Pape
Core lnner Diameter
Pressure of Pneumatic System
4kg/cm2 (User supplied)

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